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    transportive beauty

    Through our sacred process of
    crafting botanical microrituals,
    each Edit invites a deeper connection
    to skin, senses and soul.

    our edits

    Our EDITS are celebrations of a place and its people. They are as diverse in plant material and aroma as the cultures from which they come. And through our sacred process of crafting botanical microrituals, each EDIT is meant to connect us back to our skin, senses and soul.

    embrace the elements

    Ancient mineral-rich clays. Active botanical mists. A biodiverse bounty of rare aromatherapeutic essential and cold-pressed oils. Discover our bestsellers.

     from soil

     to soul

    Our EDITS are botanical microrituals, hand-crafted with nourishing and aromatherapeutic ingredients sourced from farms, forests and far away lands. We partner with small-scale farmers, artisans and women’s cooperatives throughout the globe, connecting their stories, ingredients and artistry to our brand ecosystem. We carry their struggles, sweat and their soul. We impart their wisdom, treasures, and their love. Our promise is your passport. Discover skincare with the power to transport skin and transform community — consciously curated from ancient practices and the cultures that sustain them.

    Shot on location in Rwanda by Humanity Unified

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